about us

We are aligned to our values and vision.


Reach of education to all section of society and guiding for better future of students as well as INDIA.


By sharing knowledge, resources & support we care for all society and together we develop.


BaShikha International Tuition School was established for a vision conceptualised by honorable Dr. Baskar (Phd NUS Singapore, M.Sc IIT Chennai). It aims to provide education in various streams while also fostering all round development of the students. It provides various valuable fundamentals to the students to achieve best in life.

The main objective of BITS is to offer best education to the students for their bright and competitive future. Its various wings are committed to prepare students for their respective competitive exams. BITS committed to produce best results in the field of education by taking up various challenges. It also provides suitable infrastructure and conditions to promote joy full education. It promotes the principle of ‘Edventure’ .

Institute has completed its glorious five years and emerged as a benchmark  in the areas of coaching and guidance. For the last five years, it has been producing scholars in the various fields. The institute also undertakes extension programmes and field outreach activities to contribute in the development of society. It encourages various social welfare activities to ensure development of wonderful society. The institute provides various types of scholarships to deserving students and ensure to make itself as a part of organisations encouraging educated INDIA.